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Timothy Stoltzfus Jost, J.D., holds the Robert L. Willett Family Professorship of Law at the Washington and Lee University School of Law. Jost is a member of the Institute of Medicine. He is coauthor of a casebook, Health Law, used widely throughout the United States in teaching health law, and of a treatise and hornbook by the same name. He is also the author of Health Care at Risk: A Critique of the Consumer-Driven Movement; Health Care Coverage Determinations: An International Comparative Study; Disentitlement? The Threats Facing our Public Health Care Programs and a Rights-Based Response, and Readings in Comparative Health Law and Bioethics. He has also written numerous articles and book chapters on health care regulation and comparative health law, including monographs on legal issues in health care reform for Georgetown’s O’Neill Center, the Fresh Thinking Project, the National Academy of Social Insurance and National Academy of Public Administration, and the New America Foundation and Urban Institute.

Recent Posts by Timothy Jost

Implementing Health Reform: HHS Proposes Rule Implementing Anti-Discrimination ACA Provisions

On September 3, 2015, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) proposed rules to implement section 1557 of the Affordable Care Act, prohibiting discrimination in health care on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability.

Implementing Health Reform: Federal Court Rules On March for Life v. Burwell (Updated)

A federal court recently decided on another case challenging the contraceptive mandate. Although there have been numerous challenges to the mandate, this case distinguishes itself in its premise and in the consequences it will bring if it is upheld. Also included is an update on Q&As stemming...

Implementing Health Reform: IRS Proposes Modification To Minimum Value Rule

Following HHS, the IRS has proposed to require employer-sponsored group health plans to offer substantial coverage of hospitalization and physician services to meet the definition of minimum value coverage.

Implementing Health Reform: New Guidance On Reenrollment Of 2015 Enrollees (Updated)

On August 25, 2015, CMS released on its REGTAP website a guidance for insurers on reenrollment of 2015 enrollees through the federally facilitated marketplace for 2016. The August 25 guidance presents a particularly detailed roadmap of how the 2016 open enrollment period will work for QHP...

Implementing Health Reform: Essential Community Providers; The Contraceptive Coverage Accommodation (Updated)

Recent developments related to Affordable Care Act implementation include an initiative to gather information about essential community providers and another appellate court decision upholding HHS's contraceptive coverage accommodation for religious organizations.

Implementing Health Reform: Establishment Clause ACA Challenge Rejected (Updated)

On August 14, 2015, yet another federal appellate court tossed yet another challenge to the Affordable Care Act.

Implementing Health Reform: OIG Reports On 2014 FFM Performance; Risk Corridor Data Delayed (Update)

The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (OIG) released another report evaluating the performance of the federally facilitated marketplace. Also, CMS recently announced that it will not be releasing risk corridor data on August 14, 2015, as earlier stated, and...

Implementing Health Reform: Full Appeals Court Rejects Origination Clause Challenge To ACA (Updated)

On August 7, the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit refused to rehear a three-judge panel’s decision rejecting the claim that the Affordable Care Act’s individual responsibility requirement was adopted in violation of the Constitution’s Origination Clause.

August 7, 2015Following the ACA

Implementing Health Reform: IRS Requests Comments On Cadillac Tax (Updated)

One of the last remaining features of the ACA that has yet to be implemented is the so-called “Cadillac tax,” which takes effect in 2018. On July 30, 2015, the IRS released a Revenue Notice, requesting comments on various issues that must be resolved prior to implementation.

Implementing Health Reform: GAO And ASPE Reports Reveal IRS-Marketplace Coordination Difficulties, Impact Of Competition On Premiums

The GAO report is both one of the clearest and most succinct descriptions of how coordination is supposed to work between the IRS and the ACA marketplaces. The ASPE report shows increased competition reducing premiums for qualified health plan-eligible individuals.