Timothy Stoltzfus Jost, J.D., is an Emeritus Professor at the Washington and Lee University School of Law. Jost is a member of the Institute of Medicine and a consumer liaison representative to the National Association of Insurance Commissioner. He is coauthor of a casebook, Health Law, used widely throughout the United States in teaching health law, and of a treatise and hornbook by the same name. He is also the author of Health Care at Risk: A Critique of the Consumer-Driven Movement; Health Care Coverage Determinations: An International Comparative Study; Disentitlement? The Threats Facing our Public Health Care Programs and a Rights-Based Response, and Readings in Comparative Health Law and Bioethics.

Jost is a contributing editor at Health Affairs and a frequent contributor to Health Affairs Blog. He has also written numerous articles and book chapters on health care regulation and comparative health law, including monographs on legal issues in health care reform for Georgetown’s O’Neill Center, the Fresh Thinking Project, the National Academy of Social Insurance and National Academy of Public Administration, and the New America Foundation and Urban Institute.

Recent Posts by Timothy Jost

ASPE: Medicaid Expansion Lowers Marketplace Premiums

A new Obama administration report concludes that Medicaid expansion is associated with 7 percent lower age-adjusted marketplace premiums for the second-lowest cost silver plan.

Examining The Effects Of Premium Increases On Consumers And The Marketplaces

There have been a number of recent reports indicating that marketplace premiums are increasing sharply for 2017. A new ASPE report examines the potential effects of hypothetical premium increases of 10, 25, or even 50 percent, taking into account premium tax credits and consumer shopping.

Plaintiffs Say ACA Equity Rules Illegally Require Abortion, Gender Transition Services

A new lawsuit alleges that regulations implementing ACA nondiscrimination provisions force the plaintiff professionals and facilities to provide gender transition services against their medical judgment and religious beliefs. It also asserts that the regulations require abortion coverage.

CMS Releases Form For Insurers Submitting Contraceptive Claims

On August 22, CMS released at its REGTAP.info website a web-based form that third party administrators and insurers may use for submitting contraceptive claims that they have paid for 2015 as well as a set of frequently asked questions describing how the new process will work.

CMS Focuses On Provider Steering Of Medicare- And Medicaid-Eligible People To Marketplaces

On August 18, CMS issued a request for information regarding a concern expressed by insurers, that providers and provider-affiliated organizations are steering people eligible for Medicare and/or Medicaid coverage to individual marketplace plans to obtain higher provider payment rates.

Judge Rules In ACA Premium Stabilization Program Case; New Hardship Exemption

On August 12, federal judge Rebecca Ebinger entered the first decision in one of the growing number of cases challenging the administration of the premium stabilization programs, denying a motion for a preliminary injunction. CMS also announced a new hardship exemption to the individual mandate.

CMS Report Cites Flat Per-Enrollee Costs In ACA Marketplaces

On August 11, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services reported that, between 2014 and 2015, per-member-per-month paid claims in the ACA individual market fell by one tenth of one percent, suggesting an improving risk pool. This post covers this and other ACA-related developments.

Texas Judge Refuses To Dismiss Health Insurance Provider Fees Case

Judge Reed O’Connor of the Northern District of Texas refused to dismiss an action brought by six states which claimed that the requirement that Medicaid and CHIP MCOs pay the ACA Health Insurance Provider Fee, and that the states cover their costs of doing so as a condition of receiving...

CMS Releases FAQs On Transparency And Quality Rating Guidelines

On August 3, CMS released a series of frequently asked questions, most of which provide additional detail on recently released transparency and quality rating guidelines. One FAQ may cover circumstances that could follow an adverse ruling for the government in House v. Burwell.

Minimum Essential Coverage Reporting And ‘No Wrong Door’ Coordination (Updated)

On July 29, the IRS released a notice of proposed rulemaking on issues that have arisen with respect to minimum essential coverage reporting. On July 25, CMS released a bulletin on “no wrong door” coordination between the federal and state marketplaces and the state Medicaid and CHIP agencies