Kelsey C. Priest is a fourth-year MD/PhD student at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). She is currently in the second year of the health systems and policy doctoral program at the OHSU-Portland State University (PSU) School of Public Health and a graduate research assistant at the Center for Evidence-based Policy at OHSU. The focus of her doctoral studies is on pharmacotherapy policy and practice for people with opioid use disorder in the hospital-setting. Before starting the MD/PhD program, Priest received her master of public health in health management and policy from PSU and worked in clinical research, quality improvement, program development, and management in the fields of neurology, pulmonary and critical care, and public administration.

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Medicaid Coverage For Residential Substance Use Disorder Treatment: Addressing The Institution For Mental Disease Exclusion Policy

Treatment systems and planners must enhance access to both residential and outpatient treatment services, provide linkages to evidence-based medications, and address substance use disorders as chronic conditions requiring long-term support and treatment in primary care settings.