Dr. Feinstein is president and chief executive officer of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) and its two operating arms, the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI) and Health Careers Futures (HCF). Appointed the Foundation’s first CEO in 1990, she has since made the JHF and the PRHI a leading voice in patient safety, healthcare quality and workforce issues. When Dr. Feinstein founded the PRHI in 1997, it was among the nation’s first regional multi-stakeholder quality coalitions devoted simultaneously to advancing efficiency, best practices, and safety in health care through the use of industrial engineering principles. Dr. Feinstein was also a leader in the formation of the Network for Regional Healthcare Improvement (NRHI), a national coalition of Regional Health Improvement Collaboratives that supports national policy efforts to improve healthcare quality and value. She is a past president of Grantmakers in Health and currently co-chairs the Pennsylvania Health Funders Collaborative (PHFC), a network of 40 health foundations across the Commonwealth that works to advance policy and population health initiatives.

Recent Posts by Karen Wolk Feinstein

Calling All Wonder Women—The US Health System Needs Strong Leaders, Healthy Mothers

Two foundations in Pittsburgh support WHAMglobal, which launched in 2016 and forms networks of women's health advocates to improve health care delivery and outcomes, equity, and leadership. One of WHAMglobal's focus areas is the unacceptably high maternal mortality rate in the United States.

Let’s Stop Making Excuses For Egregious Medical Errors

We know how to eliminate medical errors, says the leader of a foundation in Pennsylvania. We just haven't shown the courage and conviction to do it.

We’re Failing Adolescents And Families Coping With Behavioral Health Issues

The consequences of not addressing the teen behavioral health crisis are severe and may span generations, says the head of a foundation in Pennsylvania. The foundation recently kicked off a $500,000 initiative to spark a dialogue and strengthen prevention and treatment services.

May 31, 2016GrantWatch, Quality

The Time Is Now For A Consumer Health Movement

The Jewish Healthcare Foundation, based in Pittsburgh, recently assembled an "army of activated health care consumers" to talk about social health movements. Attendees said that messages on population-level health issues, such as HPV, must convey urgency, without devolving into sensationalism.

New Center for Health Information Activation Supports Empowered Patients, Receptive Physicians

The Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF), through its supporting organization the Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI), has been working at the Triple Aim (better health, better health care, and lower cost) for seventeen years. We have tried introducing Lean in hospitals, promoting...

Elevating the Role of the Medical Assistant

The Pittsburgh-based Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) and our Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI), an operating arm of the foundation, are transforming primary care—equipping practices with the resources necessary to reduce waste and inefficiency, improve workflows, implement and...

Health Reform at the Retail Level: Community by Community, State by State

Our discussions at the recent health funders’ retreat at Brandeis University drove home an important point. The Affordable Care Act is a lot more than a series of provisions to assure access to health care coverage for millions of uninsured Americans. The new health reform law creates...

Right Pills, Wrong Pills—It Makes All the Difference

Why are people saying that we don’t know how to contain health care costs? I’d argue that we do know how. What we don’t know is how to get better practices accepted and spread. Behavior change is difficult, even when we can advance quality of care and contain costs. Let me...