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Vik Khanna is an independent healthcare consultant and writer in St. Louis, MO, with extensive expertise in health policy, managed care, and wellness. He is co-author with Al Lewis of Surviving Workplace Wellness with Your Dignity, FInances, and Major Organs Intact. He is also author of the newly released Your Personal Affordable Care Act: How To Avoid Obamacare, which is available in the Amazon Kindle Marketplace and at He is the Editor-At-Large on Wellness for The Health Care Blog.

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Workplace Wellness Produces No Savings

During the last decade, workplace wellness programs have become commonplace in corporate America. The majority of US employers with 50 or more employees now offer the programs. A 2010 meta-analysis that was favorable to workplace wellness programs, published in Health Affairs, provided support...

The Million-Dollar Workplace Wellness Heart Attack Screen

Three years after wellness was hailed as perhaps the only truly bipartisan component of the Affordable Care Act, both lay and trade commentators have begun observing that the assumptions behind it were incorrect while downsides were overlooked. As a predictable result, savings have proven...

Is It Time To Re-Examine Workplace Wellness ‘Get Well Quick’ Schemes?

Editor's note: Readers interested in sources listed as available from authors, or in other information relating to this post, may contact Al Lewis at or Vik Khanna at Virtually unheard of thirty years ago, workplace wellness is now embedded...