Christopher F. Koller is President of the Milbank Memorial Fund. Before joining the Fund, he served the state of Rhode Island as the country’s first health insurance commissioner, an appointment he held from March of 2005 through June of 2013. Prior to that, he was CEO of Neighborhood Health Plan of Rhode Island. He was a member of the IOM Committee on Essential Health Benefits and serves in numerous national and state health policy advisory capacities. Mr. Koller is also adjunct professor of community health in the School of Public Health at Brown University.

Recent Posts by Christopher Koller

Insurance Commissioners And The Feds: Time For Some Relationship Counseling?

The ACA exchanges have proved to be a problem child and the federal government has not been the most reliable spouse and parent recently.

Supported State-Based Marketplaces: The Point of Convergence?

On paper, a supported state-based health insurance marketplace (SSBM) could be a match made in policy wonk heaven for many states implementing the Affordable Care Act. The reality, while promising, is more complex.

Dear Governor-Elect: Some Health Policy Counsel

Congratulations on your election on November 3. It is a mandate for your vision and leadership.  Now, like the proverbial dog who has caught the meat truck -- where to begin with this business of governing? As you contemplate the work in front of you, I would like to offer some (unsolicited)...

New Report from the Milbank Memorial Fund: Aligning Payers and Practices to Transform Primary Care

The Milbank Memorial Fund continues the work of helping states in their efforts to transform primary care with its release of a new report Aligning Payers and Practices to Transform Primary Care: A Report from the Multi-State Collaborative. The report is an observational study of the work of...

Decoding 2015 Health Insurance Rate Increase Requests

Note: In addition to Christopher Koller, Sabrina Corlette coauthored this post. The rates are coming, the rates are coming. While there seem to be fewer “latest verdicts on the ACA,” breathlessly reported in the popular press, as we move through the second half of 2014, the filing of 2015...