Dr. Lasky-Su has spent the last 18 years focusing on the identification of genetic, genomic, and more recently metabolomic determinants for complex diseases, with a particular focus on asthma, the accumulation of which has resulted in over 100 peer-reviewed original research manuscripts. Through GWAS, Dr. Lasky-Su identified multiple asthma variants, including variants in the HLA-DQ region as a disease variant for asthma, several pharmacogenetic variants that influence steroid response and short-acting beta agonists (GLCCI1 and ASB3), and an asthma and obesity susceptibility locus (DENND1B). These research findings have received national and international attention, which led to a keynote Dr. Lasky-Su’s methodological contributions, particularly those focused on family-based study designs, have also made a significant impact by demonstrating the utility of family-based study designs and the importance of accounting for age-dependent genetic effects. Dr. Lasky-Su’s more recent work has focused on integrative metabolomics and other omics data types. Through these efforts she has developed a metabolomics research program at the Channing Division of Network Medicine that has been highly successful and synergistic in nature, as it has drawn together a diverse group of investigators. This work has resulted in the identification of important biological determinants for asthma, in particular specific metabolites in the sphingolipid pathway that are related to ORMDL3, the most well-established asthma gene.

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