Leslie Lenert, MD, MS, FACMI, FACP is is Chief Research Information Officer for the Medical University of South Carolina (MUSC), Professor of Internal Medicine, and Smart State Chair in Biomedical Health Informatics. 
 He is the Chief Information Officer at Health Sciences South Carolina (HSSC), a statewide research collaborator. At MUSC and HSSC, Dr. Lenert is helping to change what is possible through the development of the infrastructure for a state-wide learning health system.

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Telecommunication Policies May Have Unintended Health Care Consequences

Reverting back to a voluntary approach to NN potentially threatens the well-being of many people, particularly those at risk for health disparities due to low income or rural residency.

It’s Hard To Be Neutral About Network Neutrality For Health

Network Neutrality (NN) has been in the news because the FCC is considering two options related to a neutral Internet: Either regulation forcing NN, or an approach that creates a “fast lane” on the Internet for those content providers that are willing to pay extra for it. Network Neutrality...

August 18, 2014Health IT

Health IT Meaningful Use Mission Creep

Mission creep is the expansion of a project or mission beyond its original goals, often after initial successes. Mission creep is usually considered undesirable due to the dangerous path of each success breeding more ambitious attempts, only stopping when a final, often catastrophic, failure...