Lynn Etheredge is an independent consultant working on health care and social policy issues. His career started at the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB). During the Nixon and Ford administrations, he was OMB’s principal analyst for Medicare and Medicaid and led its staff work on national health insurance proposals. He returned to OMB as a senior career executive and headed its professional health staff in the Carter and Reagan administrations. He was a co-author of the Jackson Hole Group’s proposals for healthcare reform and a co-founder of the Health Insurance Reform Project at George Washington University. During the last several years, Lynn has led many studies on health care and social policy at the Health Insurance Reform Project and the Rapid Learning Project, which started at George Washington University and is now independent. His recent publications deal with a rapid-learning healthcare system, national cancer policy, quality of care, flexible benefits tax credits, and administration of a Medicaid + tax credits approach to expanding coverage. He is author of more than 80 publications and is a graduate of Swarthmore College.

Recent Posts by Lynn Etheredge

A Rapid-Learning Initiative For Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

In late July, the FDA approved selective use of Praluent, the first of a new class of cholesterol-lowering drugs (PCSK9 inhibitors). However, there is considerable uncertainty and debate about how broadly Praluent should be used.

An Era Of Precision Medicine And Rapid Learning

At a recent White House event, President Obama presented his proposals for a Precision Medicine Initiative. The key elements include a national research system where 1 million or more volunteers can share their (privacy protected) electronic health records, genetics, and other data, and a...

February 20, 2015Medicaid and CHIP, Medicare, Public Health

Rapid Learning For Precision Medicine: A Big Data To Knowledge (BD2K) Initiative

Proposal The National Research Council's Precision Medicine report found that it is imperative to create a new scientific base for biomedical research, clinical care, and public health that accurately reflects the genetic variations in diseases and in individual responses to...

February 21, 2013Health IT, Public Health

Rapid Learning And Cancer Care: Time To Move Forward

Editor’s Note: Below, Lynn Etheredge discusses the potential of a rapid learning system to improve the quality and efficiency of cancer care. Amy Abernethy also addresses this subject in another Health Affairs Blog post published today. Cancer is among the most complicated group of...

June 29, 2010Health IT