Duncan Maru, MD, PHD is a faculty member at Brigham and Women’s Hospital Division of Global Health Equity and Harvard Medical School, and the Chief Strategy Officer of Possible.

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Building Health Care Systems In Post-Earthquake, Post-Constitution Nepal

Today, challenges abound in Nepal -- recovery from the worst natural disaster in 80 years, a border conflict with India, and entrenched poverty. But a new Constitution offers exciting avenues for creating accountable care systems that meet the Triple Aim of patient-centered care, population...

The High Costs Of Nepal’s Fee-For-Service Approach To Health Care

Of all the problems facing the post-earthquake Nepal health care system, its greatest challenge remains the one that long pre-dates April 25: a system built around unregulated fee-for-service health care delivery.

Access, Excess, And Medical Transformation: Delivering Durable Health Care In Rural Nepal

Picture a government hospital in remote rural Nepal that’s fourteen hours away to the nearest tertiary care center via dangerous roads.