Walter McClure is chairman of the Center for Policy Design, a non-profit, non-partisan policy design organization. He received a BA in philosophy and physics from Yale in 1959 and a PhD in theoretical physics from Florida State in 1967. In 1969 he switched to health care policy, working at InterStudy under Paul Ellwood until 1981, when he left to start the Center for Policy Studies (now the Center for Policy Design). At InterStudy he worked with colleagues on the HMO strategy, among other tasks drafting much of the Federal legislation. At the Center he developed Large System Architecture (LSA), a general theory of why organizations do what they do, and a set of methods to redirect their behavior toward the goals society desires of them. Using LSA the Center has developed a health care system reform strategy to get better care for less, and a universal coverage strategy consonant with it. It has also developed a leading public education system reform strategy, broadening the present public education system of solely district public school monopolies by adding state-chartered public schools. Both strategies are based on correcting unsound incentives in these systems.

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Universal Health Coverage? Why?

Forcing health care into a simplistic left-right straitjacket misleads the nation. It is time to recast the issue properly.