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Germany’s Model For Drug Price Regulation Could Work In The US

If the U.S. cares to examine national models for reducing drug prices, Germany's AMNOG should top the list.

The 2016 Election Reveals The Differences On Health Care Are Deeper Than Ever

What have we learned about our collective health future over the past 18 months and what might this mean for our health system’s future?

November 7, 2016Following the ACA

The $879 Billion Footnote — And The Financing Path To ACA Repeal

Matt Bevin election as governor of Kentucky will provide an important indication of the seriousness of Republican intentions to undermine and repeal the coverage expansions of the ACA. What should we expect if Republicans take full control in Washington in 2017, and what would be the consequences?

The New Congressional Effort To Undermine The Affordable Care Act

For the first time, Republicans will use the “reconciliation” budget process to advance repeal of the Affordable Care Act. The legislation sheds light on Republican thinking about the future of the ACA, especially if the Republican Party controls the White House, Senate, and House in January 2017.

What Would Republicans Do Instead Of The Affordable Care Act?

Given an unobstructed opportunity, what would Republicans really do with the Affordable Care Act? Republican office holders and conservative think tanks have advanced expansive proposals. We identified eight plans offered between 2012 and 2015 that address the ACA’s fate and propose substantive...