Gail Price-Wise is President of the Florida Center for Cultural Competence ( She received her Master’s degree from Harvard School of Public Health in 1986 and has spent her career initiating and managing projects to improve communication and understanding among people of different racial, ethnic, and socio-economic backgrounds. She has focused on the serious impact of miscommunication and mistrust on the doctor-patient relationship and how this contributes to unequal health status.

For over ten years Ms. Price-Wise oversaw projects in cultural competence and community health for Management Sciences for Health, ( an international health agency funded by the US Agency for International Development (USAID). At MSH, she led the development of the website, “The Provider’s Guide to Quality and Culture” (, which was recommended by the Institute of Medicine in its report on Unequal Treatment. She was the technical lead on a USAID-funded demonstration project to introduce cultural competence in a developing country. Bolivia was chosen as the demonstration site and Ms. Price-Wise developed a program to train that country’s health care providers to work more effectively with indigenous populations. Ms. Price-Wise is currently writing a book about the Willie Ramirez case.

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