Emma Sandoe is a PhD student in Health Policy Political Analysis at Harvard University. Emma focuses on Medicaid eligibility and enrollment, Marketplace enrollment and implementation, long-term services and supports and other issues for Medicare-Medicaid beneficiaries. Prior to starting the PhD program, Emma spent six years in Washington, DC working on the passage and implementation of the Affordable Care Act. She served as the spokesperson for Medicaid and HealthCare.gov at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services and worked on Affordable Care Act coordination at the HHS Budget Office. While earning her Masters in Public Health from George Washington University, she worked at the Center for American Progress and the Ways and Means Health Subcommittee. She graduated in 2008 from UC San Diego.

Recent Posts by Emma Sandoe

Did Medicaid Expansion Cause The Opioid Epidemic? There’s Little Evidence That It Did.

While public policy may have played a role in our current prescription abuse crisis, there is little evidence to support the idea that Medicaid caused or worsened the epidemic.

Zika May Place Burden On Medicaid

As Congress debates the appropriate level of funding to provide to reduce the spread of Zika, one critical area is often overlooked: state budgets. Medicaid covers roughly half of births in America today and how state Medicaid directors allocate funds will be critical in the fight against Zika.

We May Already Know How To Reduce The High Cost Of Covering New Medicaid Enrollees

While we still do not have final figures on how much new Medicaid enrollees spent on medical care in 2014, we do have evidence---including a recent study by Naderah Pourat and coauthors published in the July issue of Health Affairs---that primary care and care coordination can help reduce the...