Adele Shartzer is a research associate at the Urban Institute Health Policy Center in Washington, D.C.

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The Challenges Of Rewarding Value Over Volume Without Penalizing Safety-Net Hospitals

This month’s Narrative Matters essay tells the story of health care providers at a Chicago safety-net hospital and a 41-year homeless man who they refer to as Mr. G, while providing a window to some of the controversy surrounding paying safety-net providers for quality performance.

Employer-Sponsored Insurance Remains Stable While Uninsurance Drops Under The ACA

Despite concerns that the changes introduced under the ACA would lead to a decline in employer-sponsored insurance coverage, the available evidence continues to show no changes in ESI offer rates, take-up rates, or overall ESI coverage for workers under the ACA.

Honoring Those Who Served: Closing Coverage And Access Gaps for Veterans

On this Memorial Day, as we honor the sacrifices of those who gave their lives serving in the US Armed Forces, it is also important to remember the living veterans and to assess how well the nation is meeting their health needs.