John Toussaint, MD, has been a student of lean health care for more than 15 years. Management on the Mend is his third book on the subject. Both previous books were awarded the Shingo Research and Professional Publication Award. He has authored numerous articles showcasing the work of the Healthcare Value Network organizations. His many roles have included CEO of ThedaCare and founding chairman of the Wisconsin Health Information Organization and of the Wisconsin Collaborative for Healthcare Quality. His current role is CEO of the ThedaCare Center for Healthcare Value.

Dr. Toussaint has coauthored articles for the Institute of Medicine on the subjects of quality and efficiency in healthcare. His work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, and Health Affairs.

Recent Posts by John Toussaint

Paying For Value: Perspective From The Front Lines

The concept of value-based health care is rapidly gaining traction in the U.S., yet implementation remains a significant challenge. We propose that in a true pay-for-value system, a national payment rate should be established and rooted in reality and adjusted for three factors.

The Toyota Production System: What Does It Mean, And What Does It Mean For Health Care?

The Toyota Production System (TPS), also known as the Lean management system (Lean), is already helping health care organizations provide high-quality, low-cost care, and it promises to do far more. However, the potential benefits of TPS/Lean are endangered by a failure of many to understand it.

Creating The Next Generation: The Payment Model We Need From Medicare

Four years of nation-wide testing by CMS has now proven that the current shared savings payment models do not work effectively for low-cost ACOs. After being challenged by members of CMS and others to design a better payment scheme, we studied the issues and are proposing a global risk-adjusted...

A New Framework For Health Care Management

Today’s health care management is in need of an overhaul. It must be replaced by a model for management that supports and encourages frontline caregivers to do just that.

ThedaCare: Meaningful Use and Continuous Improvement

Editor’s Note: John Toussaint of ThedaCare (photo and bio above) is a participant in today’s National Press Club briefing on meaningful use of health IT, cosponsored by Health Affairs and the Health Industry Forum at Brandeis University. The post below highlights salient points of...