Vincent Mor, Ph.D. had specialized in research on aging, chronic disease and long term care for over 30 years. He directed the National Hospice Study in the early 1980’s that paved the way for the Medicare Hospice benefit and has evaluated various aspects of hospice and palliative care since. He now directs an NIA funded Program Project that seeks to examine the changing role of nursing homes and other post-acute care settings. He is the recipient of the Academy Health Distinguished Investigator Award for contributions to health services research and is a member of the National Academy of Medicine.

Recent Posts by Vincent Mor

End-Of-Life Policy Solutions: A Cautionary Note

The optimistic stance regarding the impact of informed patient choice and transparency in reducing inappropriate care at the end of life may be warranted, but there are many forces pulling in the opposite direction.

Managing The Beginning Of The End: Advanced Disease Management And Concurrent Care Under Current Financing

If predicting six-month mortality is hard, trying to identify patients with life-limiting diagnoses who are candidates for “pre-hospice” services makes eligibility determinations even more ambiguous.

Why Now? Concerns About End-Of-Life Health Care Policy

While the recent focus on end-of-life care is partly rooted in concerns over costs, much of it reflects a desire to ensure that the care people receive is consistent with their preferences.

December 19, 2016End of Life & Serious Illness