Billy Wynne, J.D., is the Managing Partner of TRP Health Policy. A division of the Washington government relations firm Thorn Run Partners, TRP Health Policy combines industry-leading, actionable analysis and insight with sophisticated, informed advocacy to help healthcare organizations solve challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the Federal policy space.

TRP Health Policy is also home to Policy Hub, an online portal and daily digest delivering in-depth intelligence on every important regulatory and legislative development impacting healthcare.

Previously, Billy served as Health Policy Counsel to the U.S. Senate Finance Committee. He received his B.A. from Dartmouth College and his law degree from the University of Virginia.

Recent Posts by Billy Wynne

The Alexander-Murray Market Stabilization Package: What’s In It And Where’s It Going?

We don’t yet have final bill text or a CBO score, but in today’s announcement from Senators Alexander and Murray we have some details on policies that should help stabilize consumer access and premiums in the individual market in the next few years.

The CHRONIC Care Act Passes Senate, Obstacles Remain

This post outlines the key components of the CHRONIC Care Act passed by the Senate, assesses its outlook in the House, and considers what its progress may tell us about the prospect for more bipartisan action on health care in the future.

The Bipartisan ‘Single Payer’ Solution: Medicare Advantage Premium Support For All

By combining two shots of conservative orthodoxy with one overflowing progressive one, and stirring slowly, it is not at all far-fetched to envision an endgame cocktail for our health care system that covers everyone, decreases costs, and can pass Congress.

What Now?: A Four Step Plan For Bipartisan Health Reform

In four broad steps, we have an opportunity to move past partisan bickering and put our health care system on stronger footing.

Five Lessons From The AHCA’s Demise

Legislative efforts have a lifespan but our health care system does not. So whether we are still rejoicing or recriminating, let’s take a look at some timeless principles we can apply to the ongoing effort to improve health care in the United States.

Five Reasons The ACA Won’t Be Repealed

The repeal and replace “two step” is fraught with difficulty, bolder than the ACA itself, and far from certain to succeed.

December 7, 2016Following the ACA

No Matter What, Congress Will Act On Health Care Next Year

While the presidential candidates and others consider broad-based health care policies, the passage of which in the near term is dubious, there is a wide array of issues we can bank on Congress taking up, likely in one, consolidated legislative package.

November 7, 2016Medicaid and CHIP, Medicare

MACRA Final Rule: CMS Strikes A Balance; Will Docs Hang On?

The central theme of the MACRA Final Rule is its softening of key parameters in an effort to allay provider concerns, rally participation, and avoid adverse consequences out of the gate. The complexity and Icarian vision of MACRA abides, but CMS is all but ushering docs in with their bare hands.

Breaking Down The MACRA Proposed Rule

The mother ship has landed. On Wednesday, April 27, CMS released the highly-anticipated proposed rule that would establish key parameters for the new Quality Payment Program. This post briefly outlines the key elements of the proposed rule.

Brave New World: Medicare’s Advanced Payment Models

This post will attempt to hone in on what an alternative payment model under MACRA really is, discuss the provider incentives under this path, and clarify what we know so far about efforts underway to create and implement them.