Jessica Zitter, MD, MPH practices intensive care unit and palliative care at the county hospital in Oakland, California. She is the author of “Extreme Measures: Finding a Better Path to the End of Life,” (Penguin, 2017). Her essays and articles have appeared in the “New York Times,” “The Atlantic,” the “Huffington Post,” the “Journal of the American Medical Association,” and other publications. Her work is featured in an Oscar and Emmy-nominated short documentary, “Extremis” (2017), now streaming on Netflix. She was co-founder of Vital Decisions, a telephone counseling service for patients with life-limiting illnesses.

Recent Posts by Jessica Nutik Zitter

De-Medicalizing Death

For many terminally ill patients, immersion in the process of securing lethal drugs ultimately renders them unnecessary.

September 28, 2017End of Life & Serious Illness

Misleading Metrics

Metrics are intended to promote quality. But if they measure the wrong thing or are easy to manipulate, there can be serious consequences.