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Adding Their Voices: What Older Adults Are Saying about Team Care and the Medical Home

April 14th, 2014
by Marcus Escobedo

Foundations, government, and the health care sector are making large investments to reengineer and revitalize primary care, hoping this will improve the cost and quality of health care overall. Primary care practices that use expanded teams to deliver well-coordinated care designed around the needs of patients and families—widely known as patient-centered medical homes—have become the […]

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People Post: Foundation Staff and Board Member News; Job Openings

March 26th, 2014
by Lee-Lee Prina

Four new members have joined the board of Grantmakers In Health (GIH), effective March 7. Patricia Baker, president and CEO of the Connecticut Health Foundation; Patricia (“Patti”) Doykos, a director of the Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation; Octavio Martinez, executive director of the Hogg Foundation for Mental Health; and Scott Moyer, president of the Jacob and Valeria […]

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Elevating the Role of the Medical Assistant

March 3rd, 2014

The Pittsburgh-based Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF) and our Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative (PRHI), an operating arm of the foundation, are transforming primary care—equipping practices with the resources necessary to reduce waste and inefficiency, improve workflows, implement and meaningfully use electronic health records, and treat complex patients with both physical and behavioral health conditions. True transformation […]

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California’s Low Income Health Program: A Public-Private Partnership That Worked

February 14th, 2014
by Richard Thomason and Peter Long

Amidst all of the criticism surrounding early implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there was, in fact, a bright spot. As soon as the ACA was signed into law, California developed a landmark initiative known as the Low Income Health Program (LIHP). The program would go on to provide more than 660,000 low-income residents […]

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New in the Journal: Sue Hassmiller on the RWJF’s Deep Commitment to Nursing

November 18th, 2013
by Lee-Lee Prina

The GrantWatch section of the November 2013 issue of Health Affairs—a thematic issue on the health care workforce—goes right along with the theme. Susan B. Hassmiller, senior adviser for nursing at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), wrote “The RWJF’s Investment in Nursing to Strengthen the Health of Individuals, Families, and Communities.” Throughout its more […]

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Communication about Health Care with Low-Income Californians: Results from a New Survey

November 1st, 2013
by Jessica Bylander

Low-income patients are often the most difficult to reach, given access issues, language barriers, and lack of resources. But despite the challenges, these patients are willing and eager to engage more with their providers and avail themselves of new health care delivery models and technologies to do so, according to new research released October 23. […]

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The Commonwealth Fund Has Announced A New Direction: Seeks to Expand Reach While Maintaining Influence

October 23rd, 2013
by Amir Al-Kourainy

The Commonwealth Fund recently announced a refocusing of its policy priorities. The new direction comes on the heels of David Blumenthal joining the Commonwealth Fund as the seventh president of the ninety-five-year old philanthropy. Since its founding by Anna Harkness in 1918, the foundation has had a mission to “do something for the welfare of […]

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A Workforce That Can Do More: Project ECHO at Ten Years Brings Behavioral Health Care to Underserved Areas

July 8th, 2013
by John Lumpkin

The author is a senior vice president at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the director of its Health Care Group. He has been with the foundation for more than ten years. At a June 14 event in Washington, D.C., Bob Corcoran, the president and chairman of the GE Foundation, observed that our health care […]

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Verizon Foundation Launches Programs to Help Reduce Health Care Disparities

December 10th, 2012
by Lee-Lee Prina

On December 4, this funder, based in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, announced its intent to invest nearly $13 million in health care funding to four national nonprofits and more than a dozen other locally and regionally focused organizations. Support will include not only cash grants but donations of health information technology. The Verizon Foundation aims to reduce […]

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Report from the Field on a Kentucky Policy Forum on Integrating Medical and Behavioral Care

October 4th, 2012
by M. Gabriela Alcalde

GrantWatch Blog invited the author, who recently joined the staff of the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, to report on its recent Howard L. Bost Memorial Health Policy Forum, which was held in Lexington. On September 17, the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky held its tenth annual health policy forum in Lexington, Kentucky. (The forum was named […]

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Mental Health: What Are Foundations Funding?

September 12th, 2012
by Lee-Lee Prina

My GrantWatch column in the September issue of Health Affairs, “Mental Health: What Foundations Are Funding,” provides a snapshot of foundation efforts around the country to help people who suffer from mental illness. A variety of funders are interested in this topic. In my small sampling, it appears that support for integrated health care, in […]

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What in the World Is a Health Home?

February 13th, 2012
by Tom David

The author explains the concept and how it can help safety-net patients. David also alerts us to the Health Home Innovation Fund, managed by Tides’s Community Clinics Initiative and funded by the California Endowment. He thanks Jane Stafford, managing director of the initiative, for her help with this post. Among the many provisions of the Affordable Care Act, one of the most […]

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Holiday Potpourri: Foundation Blog Posts on Health Reform, Use of HIT by Safety-Net Providers, and More

December 28th, 2011
by Lee-Lee Prina

In combing through a number of foundation blogs that I follow (as time permits), I found these recent posts, which you may find relevant to your work. The topics covered by these writings range from oral health to the Gates Foundation’s interactions with grantees and on topics from mental health to HIV/AIDS prevention. Bloggers include […]

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Freeing the Data: A Revolution to Improve Health Care

December 15th, 2011
by Sandra Shewry

GrantWatch Blog invited Sandra Shewry, the California HealthCare Foundation’s director of state health policy, to report on an event held recently in Sacramento, California. Those working in state health agencies and foundations should be interested in this report.    Like a visiting football coach brought in to invigorate the local team, Todd Park, chief technology officer for […]

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Rural Health: Report from the Kentucky Health Policy Forum

September 23rd, 2011
by Susan Zepeda and Amy Watts

GrantWatch Blog invited staff from the Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky, which is based in Louisville, to report on the forum, which was held earlier this month; the foundation sponsored the event. The authors begin with some background. The Foundation for a Healthy Kentucky has invested five years of funding and technical assistance in efforts to expand primary […]

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The Three Most-Read GrantWatch Blog Posts during April 2011

May 11th, 2011
by Lee-Lee Prina

We list below the three most-read posts during the month. Take a look in case you missed one of these when the original tweet or e-alert went out. 1. “Foundation Blogs Round-up: Community Clinics, Health Reform, Health IT, & More,” by Lee-Lee Prina (March 31). First on the most-read list during April was a selected […]

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Foundation Blogs Round-up: Community Clinics, Health Reform, Health IT, & More

March 31st, 2011
by Lee-Lee Prina

Here’s another quick listing of recent foundation-related blog posts that you may want to check out. Community Clinics “Clinics Get Boost from Foundation,” Daniel Weintraub, in California Health Report, Mar. 16. In this blog, part of (a nonprofit journalism project funded by the California Endowment), Weintraub writes about the recent $7 million that the […]

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Foundation Blogs Round-up: Health Reform, Disparities, Global Health, Obesity, and More

February 17th, 2011
by Lee-Lee Prina

As my work week draws to a close, I have put together a quick listing of some foundation-related posts that I think you might want to check out. If your foundation has a blog about health care and it is not listed on GrantWatch Blog’s Blogroll, let me know about it! Disparities in Health: “Poll […]

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Holiday Potpourri: Global Health, Health IT, Health Reform, Long-Term Care, Obesity

December 23rd, 2010
by Lee-Lee Prina

It’s time again for a roundup of recent posts on philanthropy-related blogs that you may want to check out—perhaps during a slower-than-normal week at work or as you kick back at home during the holiday season. I have also included a link to a new Foundation Center document on foundations’ “policy-related activities” and a Baltimore […]

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RWJF President Issues End-of-Year Letter: Outcomes of Grants; New Initiatives

December 21st, 2010
by Lee-Lee Prina

Risa Lavizzo-Mourey, president and chief executive officer of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), sent out a Letter to the Field on Dec. 14. The letter’s audience was RWJF grantees and partners (and for “the nation’s largest philanthropy devoted solely to the public’s health,” that encompasses a big group). Here is some of what she […]

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