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Preventing A Thousand Flints: Getting Reform Of Chemical Regulation Right

Bipartisanship has been rare in Congress of late, and the House and Senate deserve praise for their efforts to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act. However, the bill that has emerged from a congressional conference committee has several important flaws.

Will Hospitals Help Or Hinder A Better Report Card?

Medicare recently delayed a plan to issue a simple “star” rating of individual hospitals’ care. However, if the hospital groups that sought this delay truly seek to sever the industry from its self-protective past, they don’t have to wait for government.

Integrating Health Care And Housing To Promote Healthy Aging

By 2030, 74 million Americans will be 65 years of age or more. Ensuring a safe, age-friendly home and utilizing the home as a potential site of care for seniors should be seen as important policy objectives to support care management.

The Latest Health Wonk Review

New Health Wonk Review posted by Tinker Ready at Boston Health News, including a Health Affairs Blog post by Leigh Purvis and Crystal Kuntz on high prescription drug spending.

May 20, 2016 | Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs Founding Editor John Iglehart Receives William B. Graham Health Services Research Prize

Health Affairs congratulates our founding editor, John K. Iglehart, on being named the 2016 recipient of the William B. Graham Prize for Health Services Research for his contributions to the health of the public through health services management, health policy development, and healthcare delivery.

May 20, 2016 | Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Retail Clinics Drive New Health Care Utilization And That Is A Good Thing

We have a shortage of primary care providers, already acute in some areas of the country, and it’s expected to significantly grow in the years ahead. Demand for accessible primary care, including through retail clinics, is increasing. What impact are these clinics having on cost, access, and quality?

Place Matters: Making The United States The Healthiest Nation, Community By Community

Those working outside of medicine and public health can be valuable partners in addressing the social determinants that shape our health and well-being, the leaders of the Aetna Foundation and the American Public Health Association say.

Patient-Driven Research Will Lead To Better Health

The role of patients in health research is changing dramatically to play a meaningful role in research. That’s critical, because health care is increasingly judged on the value it delivers to patients, as well as clinicians and the nation as a whole.

Request For Abstracts: Work And Health

Calling all abstracts on work and health!

May 19, 2016 | Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Health Affairs Web First: In 2013, US Spent More On Mental Disorders Than On Any Other Medical Condition

A new study, released as a Web First by Health Affairs, estimated health spending by medical condition for the entire US population and found that in 2013, $201 billion were spent on mental disorders -- more than on any other medical condition.