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A State-Based Strategy For Expanding Primary Care Residency

Current estimates predict that by 2035, our country will face a shortage of more than 44,000 primary care physicians. The people of New Mexico are already experiencing this shortage, and are addressing it by expanding primary care residency slots through Medicaid funding for Federally Qualified...

Implementing Health Reform: IRS Requests Comments On Cadillac Tax

One of the last remaining features of the ACA that has yet to be implemented is the so-called “Cadillac tax,” which takes effect in 2018. On July 30, 2015, the IRS released a Revenue Notice, requesting comments on various issues that must be resolved prior to implementation.

Narrative Matters: On Our Reading List

“Narrative Matters: On Our Reading List” is a monthly roundup where we share some of the most compelling health care narratives driving the news and conversation in recent weeks. This month covers topics on children, prison, mental health, addiction, cancer, Medicaid, and more.

Implementing Health Reform: GAO And ASPE Reports Reveal IRS-Marketplace Coordination Difficulties, Impact Of Competition On Premiums

The GAO report is both one of the clearest and most succinct descriptions of how coordination is supposed to work between the IRS and the ACA marketplaces. The ASPE report shows increased competition reducing premiums for qualified health plan-eligible individuals.

Hearing Echoes Today Of Two Powerful Moments Fifty Years Past

Fifty years ago, the United States Supreme Court ruled in the case Griswold v. Connecticut and amendments to the Social Security Act creating Medicare and Medicaid were signed into law. These two powerful events took place less than two months apart halfway through one of the most...

Taking On The Inequities Of Rural Life: Is Life In Rural America Good For Your Health?

Poor access to physicians, poverty, distance from urban services, and even hunger are among the conditions faced by some residents of rural and frontier America. They need access to vital services.

July 30, 2015 | Equity and Disparities, GrantWatch

Worth The Money? Paying To Ensure A Representative Cohort In The Precision Medicine Initiative

By sequencing more genomes and linking genomic data to information in electronic health records and to participant-provided lifestyle data, the Precision Medicine Initiative will reveal to researchers and physicians the right treatments for the right patients.

Nudging Toward A Smoother Tax Season

According to preliminary data from the IRS, roughly half of those who enrolled in the ACA’s exchanges and received APTC ended up owing money to the federal government, because their income ended up higher than they had anticipated. So, is there a role for exchanges in requiring, recommending,...

Fifty Years Later: Why Medicaid Still Matters

This year, as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the establishment of Medicaid and Medicare, it is worth reflecting on the performance and value of these critical programs. Here are just seven facts on why Medicaid matters and the implications for health care policymakers and leaders.

A Perfect Combination: The Cleveland Neighborhood Model For Urban Health Care Education

The Cleveland Foundation, a community foundation in Ohio, has awarded funding for an effort to recruit and train medical students who reflect the socioeconomic background and cultural make-up of their communities. Read more about this partnership between two universities.