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The Proposed 2018 Notice Of Benefit And Payment Parameters: Part 1

On August 29, CMS released its proposed 2018 Notice of Benefit and Payment Parameters. The “payment notice” compiles the major changes the agency intends to implement for the next plan year for the marketplaces, the premium stabilization programs, and the health insurance market reforms generally.

August 30, 2016 | Following the ACA, Payment Policy

The Roadmap To Physician Payment Reform: What It Will Take for All Clinicians to Succeed under MACRA

How the MACRA legislation is implemented will have a major impact not only on clinician payment but also on further developments in health care organizations, the way that they deliver care, and potentially the cost of care.

How Person-Centered Is Your Health Care Organization?

As part of our efforts to transition our health care system toward value-based payment, we strongly support ensuring that new models of payment promote a person-centered care system that improves the care experience for patients and family caregivers.

The Need For Additional Flexibility In Medicare Advantage

While social determinants of health are often addressed outside of the health care system, there is evidence that shows positive associations between social services spending and better health outcomes.

Healthy Indiana 2.0 Is Challenging Medicaid Norms

The Healthy Indiana Plan was recognized as the most significant departure from traditional Medicaid ever approved by CMS, and ignited a national conversation about the implications of its consumer-driven design for able-bodied adults in Indiana and potentially other reform-minded states.

ASPE: Medicaid Expansion Lowers Marketplace Premiums

A new Obama administration report concludes that Medicaid expansion is associated with 7 percent lower age-adjusted marketplace premiums for the second-lowest cost silver plan.

Aetna’s Retrenchment Is No Big Deal

The recent announcement that the country’s third largest health insurer will withdraw from Marketplaces in 11 of the 15 states that it currently serves follows major retrenchments by United Health and Humana. Is this evidence of the ACA's fatally flawed design, or the product of a competitive...

Funerals For Friends: How Public Health In Colorado Handles Growing Prescription Drug Misuse

The opioid painkiller epidemic in Colorado was the focus of a session at this year's Colorado Health Symposium. The Colorado Health Foundation hosts this well-known annual forum.

In Kentucky’s New Medicaid Plan Evidence Takes A Back Seat

Kentucky had one of the nation’s most successful Affordable Care Act (ACA) implementations, with an effective state exchange and expanded Medicaid program. The new Kentucky Medicaid plan, however, relies on policies that have been shown to be counterproductive.

Examining The Effects Of Premium Increases On Consumers And The Marketplaces

There have been a number of recent reports indicating that marketplace premiums are increasing sharply for 2017. A new ASPE report examines the potential effects of hypothetical premium increases of 10, 25, or even 50 percent, taking into account premium tax credits and consumer shopping.