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Twenty-First Century Medicaid: The Final Managed Care Rule

On April 25, CMS released a behemoth 1,425-page final rule that will guide the delivery of health care for tens of millions of children and adults. This posts provides an overview of what the rule seeks to accomplish and how it tries to position health care delivery under a regulatory system...

We Need To Fill The Gap Between What We Know And Don’t Know About E-cigarettes

The ongoing debate over the public health implications of e-cigarette use is full of passion. Today, the FDA issued a final rule bringing previously unregulated e-cigarettes, cigars, hookah tobacco, and pipe tobacco under FDA authority.

What The ACA Means For Mothers

Moms have another reason to smile this Mother’s Day: the uninsurance rate among mothers living with dependent children under the age of 19 fell 3.8 percentage points between 2013 and 2014.

High-Quality Health Care For Resettled Refugees: A Sustainable Model

For many providers, providing care to refugees has been a financial stress or unsustainable. A foundation's early funding to an upstate New York hospital helped lead to a financially sustainable care model for this vulnerable population.

Lessons From California’s Public Reporting On Pathways To Health Insurance Coverage

California launched an ambitious effort to collect and report key data on the pathways to publicly subsidized health care coverage. The systematic understanding that the state is building about the flow of enrollment lays the groundwork for fully understanding the challenges of connecting...

It’s Time To Restore A Sense Of Mission To Mental Health

In some fundamental way, the mental health community hasn't even been asking the right questions, a foundation leader says.

ACA Implementation Round-Up: Insurer Quality Ratings And More

Recent CMS actions implementing the ACA include the release of further details on the use of a quality rating system for qualified health plans in connection with the 2017 open enrollment period, the announcement of an employer coverage verification study, and more.

A Controversial New Demonstration In Medicare: Potential Implications For Physician-Administered Drugs

Some of the most expensive drugs are covered under Medicare’s medical benefit, Part B, because they are administered by a physician. The high growth rate of Part B drug spending is a concern, especially as expensive breakthrough cancer drugs enter the market.

Health Affairs May Issue: Prescription Drugs, Global Health & More

The May issue of Health Affairs, a variety issue, covers a broad range of topics: hospital profitability; prescription drug costs and value in the United States and worldwide; the results of state investment in population health; and other topics.

May 2, 2016 | Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Narrative Matters: On Our Reading List

“Narrative Matters: On Our Reading List” is a monthly roundup where we share some of the most compelling health care narratives driving the news and conversation in recent weeks. This month covers topics on end-of-life care, treating drug addiction, and more.