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What Should Public Health Officials Be Doing About E-Cigarettes?

Are electronic cigarettes a safer alternative to combustible cigarettes, or are they a new gateway to a lifetime of nicotine addiction? In the following blog post, I suggest five key steps that policymakers, regulators, and public health advocates should take on e-cigarettes.

Ten Years After Hurricane Katrina: Progress And Challenges Remain For US Emergency Preparedness

Ten years ago, the nation watched in shock as Hurricane Katrina devastated the city of New Orleans. While we mark this 10-year anniversary with remarkable progress, we must acknowledge an ever growing obstacle: a national attention deficit.

Quality Improvement: ‘Become Good At Cheating And You Never Need To Become Good At Anything Else’

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) has trumpeted the recent drop in hospital readmissions among Medicare patients as a major advance for patient safety. But lost amidst the celebration is the fact that hospitals are increasingly "observing" patients (or treating returning...

The Future Of Premium Assistance Through Waivers Under The Affordable Care Act

The ACA has taken premium assistance beyond just Medicaid. State Innovation Waivers offer states the ability to innovate and look at premium assistance in new ways.

Implementing Health Reform: New Guidance On Reenrollment Of 2015 Enrollees (Updated)

On August 25, 2015, CMS released on its REGTAP website a guidance for insurers on reenrollment of 2015 enrollees through the federally facilitated marketplace for 2016. The August 25 guidance presents a particularly detailed roadmap of how the 2016 open enrollment period will work for QHP...

Insights Into Hispanics’ Enrollment On The Health Insurance Exchanges

As payers are preparing for the 2016 ACA open enrollment period, we share new research on why Hispanic enrollment rates continue to be low, and we offer suggestions on how to address some of the challenges involved in increasing Hispanic enrollment.

From Sub-Saharan Africa To Seattle: Opportunities To Improve Health

What excited me most about my internship with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation was not polio or malaria -- but rather the burgeoning emphasis on social determinants and health in Washington State.

Health Affairs Is Seeking Policy Narratives About Vaccines

The Narrative Matters section of Health Affairs is seeking personal essay submissions that touch on the topic of vaccines. Essays must be submitted by October 1 to be considered for the February 2016 issue.

A Rapid-Learning Initiative For Cholesterol-Lowering Drugs

In late July, the FDA approved selective use of Praluent, the first of a new class of cholesterol-lowering drugs (PCSK9 inhibitors). However, there is considerable uncertainty and debate about how broadly Praluent should be used.

New Jersey’s Approach To Medicaid ACOs Is An Experiment Worth Watching

Medicaid has become a hotbed for health care transformation, with states increasingly turning to ACOs. New Jersey joined the ranks in July by certifying three of six applicants for the New Jersey Medicaid Accountable Care Organization Demonstration Project.