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Examining The Effects Of Premium Increases On Consumers And The Marketplaces

There have been a number of recent reports indicating that marketplace premiums are increasing sharply for 2017. A new ASPE report examines the potential effects of hypothetical premium increases of 10, 25, or even 50 percent, taking into account premium tax credits and consumer shopping.

Plaintiffs Say ACA Equity Rules Illegally Require Abortion, Gender Transition Services

A new lawsuit alleges that regulations implementing ACA nondiscrimination provisions force the plaintiff professionals and facilities to provide gender transition services against their medical judgment and religious beliefs. It also asserts that the regulations require abortion coverage.

New Initiative Explores The Intersection Of Education And Mental Health

Some of the richest opportunities for improving educational outcomes for children may emerge from initiatives that prevent and address mental health issues in this population. Read about about a new W.K. Kellogg Foundation–funded project on promoting mental health in schools.

CMS Releases Form For Insurers Submitting Contraceptive Claims

On August 22, CMS released at its website a web-based form that third party administrators and insurers may use for submitting contraceptive claims that they have paid for 2015 as well as a set of frequently asked questions describing how the new process will work.

Using Community Input To Improve Advance Care Planning

CMS' decision to compensate physicians for having advance care planning conversations was an important step to transform ACP. However, we cannot expect physician reimbursement to change attitudes surrounding ACP — we need to engage community members and leaders.

CMS Focuses On Provider Steering Of Medicare- And Medicaid-Eligible People To Marketplaces

On August 18, CMS issued a request for information regarding a concern expressed by insurers, that providers and provider-affiliated organizations are steering people eligible for Medicare and/or Medicaid coverage to individual marketplace plans to obtain higher provider payment rates.

The Latest Health Wonk Review

Jason Shafrin provides a 'short and sweet edition' of the latest Health Wonk Review, including a blog post responding to an article in the behavioral health issue of Health Affairs.

August 19, 2016 | Elsewhere@ Health Affairs

Demand For Family Medicine Physicians Ranks Highest Among Specialties

Since the late 1990s has surveyed residents and fellows in New York State each spring as they complete their training. In 2015, for the first time since CHWS began collecting this data and producing the demand index, family medicine ranked highest among the 25 ranked specialties.

August 18, 2016 | Health Professionals, Hospitals

Health Affairs Web First: New ACA Coverage Enrollees Increased Prescription Use And Lowered Spending

A new study, released as a Web First by Health Affairs, compared prescription fills and out-of-pocket spending for a panel of 6.7 million prescription drug users (including those paying entirely out of pocket for prescriptions), before and after the ACA’s implementation.

Who’s Funding Mental Health Research Worldwide?

RAND Europe has released a new report on global mental health research funding. The authors have used a "bottom-up" approach that looks at funding acknowledgments by researchers in papers published between 2009 and 2014. They authors analyzed nearly 230,000 papers.

August 16, 2016 | Global Health, GrantWatch