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Designing Good Research To Support Good Policy: The Case Of Health IT

Several weeks ago on Health Affairs Blog, we wrote an article about the role of poor research design in policy formulation. As part of that article, we praised RAND’s 2013 Health Affairs article for reporting that their 2005 Health Affairs article over-stated the benefits of health IT. That...

December 18, 2015

To Support Physician Decision-Making, Re-Evaluate Industry Funding Of Science

In 1984, the New England Journal of Medicine began requiring authors of research papers to disclose financial relationships with the pharmaceutical or device industry. The policy was controversial then, and even a decade later still faced criticism.

July 16, 2015

Investigators vs. Industry In Clinical Research: Guiding The Hand That Treats Us

What is the existing relationship between these two loci of clinical research, and does the environment optimally serve the needs of the general public and individual patients suffering from disease?

June 17, 2015