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Medicare’s Programs Should Compete

Fielding three Medicare programs might make sense if they were designed to compete against one another.

June 15, 2017

A Unified Medicare Payment System For Post-Acute Care Is Feasible

Congress requested that the Medicare Payment Advisory Commission (MedPAC) recommend features of a unified payment system and consider the effects of moving to such a system. Our work found that a unified payment system is possible and would reduce current distortions.

September 28, 2016

Does The Site Of Care Change The Cost Of Care?

Between 2009 and 2012, Medicare beneficiaries paid $4.05 million more in out-of-pocket coinsurance costs for chemotherapy services than they would have if these same services been rendered in a physician office. This is just one example of widespread site-of-care price differences.

June 2, 2016

Brave New World: Medicare’s Advanced Payment Models

This post will attempt to hone in on what an alternative payment model under MACRA really is, discuss the provider incentives under this path, and clarify what we know so far about efforts underway to create and implement them.

April 4, 2016

Hospice Payment Reforms Are A Modest Step Forward, But More Changes Are Needed

In August 2015, CMS issued a final rule updating the Medicare hospice payment rates and wage index. This has been described as the first significant reform to hospice payment methodology since 1983, but the changes are quite modest and should be viewed as a first step toward meaningful reform.

January 4, 2016