Full Text Access for Low-Income Countries

Health Affairs is pleased to provide online access to the following list of the World Bank's low-income countries. The journal also participates in the World Health Organization's HINARI and AGORA Initiatives which provide free or reduced access to the journal.

Users from these countries will be recognized automatically by their IP addresses and allowed access to the full text without charge. The low-income countries eligible for access changes each year, so please check the list periodically.


Afghanistan   Guinea-bissau   Rwanda    
Benin   Guinea   Senegal    
Burkina faso   Haiti   Sierra Leone    
Burundi   Korea, DPR   Somalia    
Central african republic   Liberia   South Sudan    
Chad   Madagascar   Tanzania    
Comoros   Malawi   Togo    
Congo, Dem. Rep   Mali   Uganda    
Eritrea   Mozambique   Zimbabwe    
Ethiopia   Nepal        
Gambia   Niger