Podcasts tagged with: Patient Engagement
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04/03/2017 How To Win The Doctor Lottery Narrative Matters Physicians, Patient Engagement, Donna Jackson Nakazawa
10/12/2016 What A Doctor's Visit Should Be Newsmakers Abraham Verghese, WTOP, Technology, Patient Engagement
04/07/2016 Patients' And Consumers' Use Of Evidence Events Alan Weil, Patient Engagement, Aging, Joe Selby, A. Mark Fendrick, Peter Ubel, Cindy Brach, Steven Woolf, Mildred Solomon, Kristin Carman, Danielle Lavallee, Ming Tai-Seale, John Westfall, Mirjam Garvelink, Daniel Dohan, Holly Witteman, Benjamin Ranard, Marcelo Coca Perraillon, Steven Findlay, Jessica Greene, Charlene Wong, Anna Sinaiko
04/07/2016 April Issue - Authors And Patient Partners Newsmakers Patient Engagement, Steven Woolf, Ming Tai-Seale, Daniel Dohan, William Jacques, Chanel Bea, Michaela Gonzalez
09/18/2014 Engaging Patients In Health Care Decisions Newsmakers Patient Engagement
09/18/2014 Patient Engagement Resources: Care Maps And Clinical Trials Newsmakers Patient Engagement
09/18/2014 Overcoming Patient Engagement Barriers: Urban And Rural Success Stories Newsmakers Patient Engagement
09/08/2014 The Double Helix: When The System Fails The Intertwined Needs Of Caregiver And Patient Narrative Matters Long-Term Care, Chronic Care, Consumer Issues, Patient Engagement, Suzanne Geffen Mintz
02/14/2013 Time to get more involved in your health care Newsmakers WTOP, Susan Dentzer, Patient Engagement
02/06/2013 New Era Of Patient Engagement Events Physicians, Cost Of Health Care, Patient Engagement
02/04/2013 "An Accidental Tourist Finds Her Way In The Dangerous Land Of Serious Illness" Full Essay Narrative Matters Jessie C. Gruman, Chronic Care, Consumer Issues, Patient Engagement
05/10/2012 Patients need to be bold during doctor visits Newsmakers WTOP, Susan Dentzer, Physicians, Patient Engagement