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07/11/2017 Advanced Illness And End-Of-Life Care Events Quality Of Care, Alan Weil, Diane E. Meier, Hospice, End-Of-Life Care, Dina Keller Moss, Janet Corrigan, Melissa D. Aldridge, Katherine Ornstein, Laura Hatfield, Vincent Mor, Martina Orlovic, Elaine Kelly, Julie P.W. Bynum, Joan M. Teno, Robrecht De Schreye, Katherine R. Courtright, Rachelle E. Bernacki, Judith Lucas, Susan C. Miller, Rebecca Anhang Price, Rachel Dolin
07/05/2017 Getting It Right At The End Of Life Narrative Matters Elderly, Quality Of Care, End-Of-Life Care, Dina Keller Moss, Palliative Care
05/20/2017 What's the Relationship Between Physician Price And Quality? Newsmakers WTOP, Affordable Care Act, Physicians, Quality Of Care, Eric Roberts
02/06/2017 The Personal Toll Of Practicing Medicine Narrative Matters Physicians, Quality Of Care, Workforce Issues, Elaine Schattner
01/05/2016 Bitten: A Patient With Tickborne Disease Struggles To Find The Right Provider Narrative Matters Physicians, Quality Of Care, Organization And Delivery Of Care, Consumer Issues, Mairead Eastin Moloney
10/05/2015 Milwaukee County General Narrative Matters Access To Care, Quality Of Care, Deborah Fries
10/05/2015 The Donor At The VLA Narrative Matters Access To Care, Quality Of Care, Joy Jacobson
10/05/2015 The Xelox Sweater Narrative Matters Access To Care, Quality Of Care, Lisa Annelouise Rentz
08/03/2015 "A Failing Heart And The Downside Of Life-Prolonging Technology" Full Essay Narrative Matters Quality Of Care, Ethical Issues, Kristin M. Kostick, Jennifer Blumenthal-Barby
06/08/2015 Amid Fears And Controversy, A Doctor Chooses A Home Birth Narrative Matters Physicians, Quality Of Care, Maternal And Child Health, Jessica Taylor Goldstein
05/05/2014 'I Don't Want Jenny To Think I'm Abandoning Her': Views On Overtreatment Narrative Matters Physicians, Quality Of Care, Workforce Issues, Cost Of Health Care, Diane E. Meier
01/06/2014 "Speaking Up About The Dangers Of The Hidden Curriculum" Full Essay Narrative Matters Joshua M. Liao, Eric J. Thomas, Sigall K. Bell, Quality Of Care, Patient Safety
12/03/2013 "A Resident Helps Redesign How One Institution Provides Emergency Care" Full Essay Narrative Matters Kamran S. Hamid, Access To Care, Physicians, Quality Of Care, Trauma Care
04/11/2013 The 'Triple Aim' Goes Global Events Quality Of Care, Cost Of Health Care, Drugs
12/03/2012 "As She Lay Dying: How I Fought To Stop Medical Errors From Killing My Mom" Full Essay Narrative Matters Jonathan R. Welch, Quality Of Care
04/09/2012 "Living Life In My Own Way--And Dying That Way As Well" Full Essay Narrative Matters Amy Berman, Elderly, Quality Of Care, Health Reform, Chronic Care, Medicare
01/09/2012 "On Our Own: Why We Who Struggle To Live With Diabetes Could Use A Helping Hand" Full Essay Narrative Matters Sara Sklaroff, Quality Of Care, Insurance, Cost Of Health Care
04/07/2011 Still Crossing the Quality Chasm Events Susan Dentzer, Quality Of Care, Carolyn M. Clancy, Anne F. Weiss, Elizabeth McGlynn, Rachel Werner, Mark Chassin, David Classen, Pamela Villarreal, Jill Van Den Bos, Philip Mehler, David Pryor, George Cioffi, Amal Trivedi, Floyd Fowler, Gregory Ogrinc, Peter Pronovost, Diane Pinakiewicz